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More renovations


A picture is worth a thousands words, and in this case probably a couple thousand dollars.  After yet another flooding episode in July 2016, I ripped up the carpeting in our bedroom. I was done with it. I was terribly difficult to dry out, and I could never tell if it was wet unless I stepped in a soggy spot.  So out it came along with the baseboards.  That’s when I found the lovely mold growing behind the baseboards. It was while we were drying the house out that I discovered another problem.  One which had been hidden by the carpeting for years.  Our Water Furnace was leaking! We were running the unit quite a lot to draw water out of the air, but every time we did, I’d find more water seeping under the from the furnace closet.  It took some more detective work to discover it was the condenser drain pan that was cracked.  Not an easy fix, since it might require draining the condenser coils to remove them.  The first estimate I got was over $2000, because they were convinced our thermostat wasn’t working properly either.  I sought another opinion. The second repairman I found did a free estimate (one point in his favor), said nothing was wrong with the thermostat (two points in his favor), and gave me a repair estimate of $700 (you’re hired!).  When the repairmen came out, between the two of them, figured out how to remove the drain pan and replace it without removing the coil and were done in two hours instead of the estimate of a whole day.  I renegotiated the price and ended up paying $350.  I will be calling him again if I ever need more repairs.

So now we were left with a concrete floor in the bedroom and I started working on my design plan for the room.  We decided on wood grain tile flooring and I hired someone to do it.  My back still hasn’t fully recovered from the kitchen renovation.  That was done the first week of November.  I had hoped to have the ceiling and walls done by then, but at least all the popcorn was removed and some of the wall texture was scraped. So now the floor is a light color and the walls are a lighter green, which made for a much brighter room.IMG_0330 The final touches were blackout curtains, some area rugs, and a new bedside table for Peter. Still in the plans are a new ceiling fan, because I hate the one that’s there and I want to build a sliding barn door for the closet, but that’s in the future as funding allows.