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And it just keeps coming down!

May was a record month for rain (see previous post) but June and July are no slouches either, with 8.64″ in June and almost 4″ so far in July. Oh and did I mention it was raining today? Since dawn!

In May, I mentioned there was no stopping the water from coming into the house. The rainfall rate onto saturated soils left no other possibility but to run off on the surface. So yes, it got in the house. The dining room floor flooded in one corner and it would have been worse if I hadn’t been actively sopping it up as it flowed in. Peter attempted to control the flooding in his office with the Shopvac, but the water managed to make in under the wall and soak the hallway carpeting. There was no damage to my cork flooring, but water did seep under the vapor barrier and got into my studio closet. And of course the rain seeped under the wall in our bedroom and closet.  It took most of a week after the Memorial Day Weekend rain to dry out the carpeting. That was with all fans going full blast, using the Shopvac to suck up as much water out of the carpet under padding, and using the air conditioning to lower the indoor humidity to give the evaporating water some place to go.
Outdoors, was another problem. The front yard was a swamp. It took two weeks for the water to drain away, then we got another eight inches of rain. By the time the front yard had finally drained enough to mow, the grass was eighteen inches high, but I must say, it’s quite lush.





So while our front lawn is a gorgeous lush lawn (with hidden trenches that’ll break your ankle if you’re not careful)…








The back yard is a delta of sand six inches deep. Every time it rains enough to get a river flowing through the back yard, I have to dig out the chicken door.





When we heard tropical storm Bill was headed our way back in June, we decided to take steps and bought self-filling sandbags. And it worked! The last rainfall we had, a drain got plugged up from debris and water ran over the back porch. Usually when that happens Peter’s office floods. This time, not a drop came in the house. I remain cautiously optimistic that all the rain forecast for this week will also stay outside our walls.