Monthly Archives: April 2014

Growing chicks

The chicks, as you might expect, are growing very rapidly.  I can see changes practically overnight.  They’re still pretty sparsely feathered, but the new feathers are showing some interesting colors and patterns.  As I suspected, it didn’t take them long to reach the window sill.  The little black one in particular hops up to greet me every time I check in on them.

The differing rates of development are amazing.  Some are twice the size of the smallest, and these are all standard breed birds, no bantams.  The big buff colored one in the middle is one of the friendliest birds, always walking under my hand to be petted.

 Iris has fully recovered from her eye injury.  I just happened to catch her as she was dozing on a perch.  Most of the time the chicks are away from the brooder, poking through the interesting food items I’ve added to their environment, or snuggling up for a nap in one of the nest boxes.  But we’re still getting some cool nights and I’ll often find them hanging out under the brooder light to recharge in the morning. In another week or two, they’ll have their first outdoor adventure.

More tasks checked off the list.

Last week was a busy one for the kitchen renovations.  My electrician was in on Tuesday and Wednesday to run new circuits and add outlets to the kitchen.

On Thursday I completed the tear down of the valance and it took me the rest of Thursday, Friday, and some of Sunday to do the drywall repairs.  One piece of ceiling drywall was completely unsupported so I had to add a plywood brace which will thankfully be hidden by a utility cabinet in the corner next to the doorway.

On Friday, as you can see by the photo, the new appliances arrived.  They’re not quite in their final location, but it’s close.  I spent the morning today, Monday, emptying the old fridge.  I also got a call today that the cabinets have been built and they are on their way to a local shipper.  Installation may be delayed because our installer has previous commitments, but I was prepared for that.  I suspect the cabinets will be in by late May, which will make the counter top installation some time in mid to late June. In the meantime, I need to buy our new sink and faucet, and get to work smoothing the walls and tearing up the floor tile.

Delayed finish

I’ve had to delay the completion of the chicken coop due to a persistent pair of Eastern Phoebes. They had attempted to nest inside the coop just under the eaves and I dissuaded them by blocking their access.

Unfortunately they were determined.  They managed to find the little shelf that’s tucked under the nest boxes.  (I’ll be interested to see what this nest is made of once the chicks fledge.)

By the time I figured out they had built a nest and weren’t just hanging out in the plum tree for fun, the chickens had already been moved into the coop and the Phoebes had already laid five eggs.

So far she tolerates my presence to check on the chickens and only flushes from the nest when I approach the coop by that side.  She also is pretty tolerant of her noisy neighbors.  The chickens have decided it’s fun to peck the floor of the nest box, right over the phoebe’s head.

Only time will tell if they picked a good location.  It’s only two feet off the ground, and would seem vulnerable to mammalian predators.  At least they don’t have to worry about the dogs anymore.  Once I found the nest, D’Argo and Oscar were banned from the garden yard.

Kichen continues

 The kitchen renovation continues.  The cabinets have been ordered.  All the old upper cabinets are down. For storage, I am now using  two drawers and the peninsula.  It’s amazing how little I actually need on a weekly basis.

After I removed the valance and exposed the studs, the plumber came in to do his part. He removed the old water pipe that ran from the sink to the fridge, through the cabinets.  Then he installed a new water line through the wall …

To a lovely new VALVE set in the WALL, where the new fridge will be (currently behind the stove).

Next week, the electrician comes in, I will continue drywall patching, and the new appliances arrive on Friday.