Monthly Archives: March 2014

Coop progress

The chicken coop progresses apace.  I installed a ribbed metal roof with a little help from Peter.  I’m okay on a ladder but don’t ask me to climb off it onto a structure.  I freeze up.  So Peter climbed on the roof to help screw down the nailing boards for the metal sheathing, and to staple the screening across the ridge vent. BIG help.  I couldn’t have done it.  I did manage to get the rest of the roof installed and trimmed, from the safety of a ladder.

Now it’s starting to look like a structure.  Two windows in front with the door between.  The holes on the ends are for the cantilevered nest boxes (three on each side).  The back will have two big doors for easy cleaning.

The chicks have been ordered, with their arrival date scheduled for the week of April 7th.  I’ve just located a source for organic feed not too far away.  My friend Sara is so excited she’s making a list of names: Sunny(side-up), Flora(ntine), Holly(andaise), Scamble(d)…you get the picture.


Another year, and lots of plans

Where has the time flown?  Most of last fall was spent recovering from shoulder surgery, but I did set some major plans in motion for 2014.  First on the list is my chicken coop.  I got the foundation posts in place before the cold set in in December.  We had a couple of earth tremors before I could get the floor attached, but the slightly shifted posts won’t cause too much trouble.  It’s a chicken coop after all.

I used my solar pathfinder to site the chicken coop in the shadiest location in my garden yard. That put it just a little northeast of the plum tree. So far, all the sides of the coop are framed and the front and back are sheathed, the roof trusses are in place and it’s waiting for the roof sheathing. I still have a lot more work to do, but it should be ready by the time the chicks are old enough to live in it. (sometime in May)

The second major project of the year is also underway.  The renovation of the kitchen.  The initial steps include finishing the mudroom, utility room and pantry.  I started ripping out the old cabinets last April, but just couldn’t go on with my torn shoulder.  So it waited idle for 8 months.  I ordered the new cabinets in December, and they finally January 17th.  I had to give up my workshop for a week while we scheduled the installation.  The cabinets started going in on the January 24th and our dedicated installer finally finished at 9PM on the January 26th.  They turned out beautifully.

The original pantry was a closet with two bifold doors.  The closet was two feet deep but the shelves were only half that depth, stationary, and as you can see from the stripes, not very tall.  It was very difficult to use the space efficiently.

Now I have a full depth pantry with adjustable roll out trays.  I can even buy extra rollout trays if I have a lot of canned goods.

The new cabinets above the washer and dryer have adjustable shelves as well so I can now fit my soap bottles in them.

The mudroom cabinets have finally been installed, but a month later I’m still waiting on the countertop.  Some mixup had the counter people thinking they were just fabricating the top and not installing it.  When that was straightened out, they tried to drop in the one they had made (without proper measurements) and, surprise, surprise, it didn’t fit.  They were going to try to get me to buy another piece so they could fill the gap, but I was having none of it.  I called the people I ordered it from and demanded a properly made  countertop, and I was not paying anything extra.  It’s supposed to arrive this week.