Monthly Archives: October 2013

Water troubles

One fine day, as I was heading out to do something or other, and happened to notice there was a lot of water up next to the house where our outside faucet resides.  My first thought was the faucet was leaking, but after changing into some boots to check, I realized that wasn’t the case.  My next thought was perhaps the drain pipe in the bathroom behind that wall had sprung a leak.  It’s happened before but never caused standing water.  Then I realized it was moving water, and it was slowly seeping onto our walkway.  We had had a couple of inches of rain two days earlier, so I thought it might be water running off through the gopher tunnel network.  The likelihood of that was slim, so I checked our TED box (electricity consumption monitor) in the kitchen, and sure enough, we were using way too much power.  Something was wrong with the well pump.

The last time that happened back in August, there was a break in the pipe just above the pump. At that time, we had to replace the pump, the wiring, and the pipe, to bring it up to current code requirements. This was the original pump (30 years old) and was still working. It would have been tempting fate not to replace and frankly, because it wasn’t properly grounded, the plumber couldn’t legally put it back in the well.

This time, I got to the well head and found it flooded. A pipe had broken between the the well and the pressure tank. After turning off the power, I started digging, and digging, and digging, to locate the pipes and the mysterious underground pressure tank.

Once I had the pipes exposed it was easy to find the leak. Turn on the pump and find the spraying water.  Thankfully, it was a “quick” fix that didn’t kill our pocketbook, mainly because I took the time to dig and not have the plumbers do it.  In two hours of labor, the pipe was fixed and the tank serviced.  We have water again!