Monthly Archives: April 2012

Unanticipated Consequence

We’ve found ourselves, this past month, beset with swarms of crane flies.  Looking like giant mosquitoes, but completely harmless, they dance about looking for a mate.  They’re particularly abundant this year apparently due to the drought.  The drought left a lot of dead plant matter that, as it turns out, crane fly larvae consume.  With the coming of the rains and the breaking of the drought, suddenly there’s a lot of moist dead plant matter, and oodles and oodles of crane flies.  I personally don’t mind when they brush up against my face. It tickles.  But I can see how some might get a little freaked out by these giant dancing flies.  The plague will be over soon. I’ve already noticed a tapering off in their numbers.  Unfortunately, they’re being replaced by droves of June bugs, which are far less gentle when the collide with you.

Contractual Obligation


Back in October, when we were having our roof repaired, inspectors from our insurance company came by to inspect the property.  I was appalled of course since there was a big hole in the roof and a pile of construction debris in the driveway.  At the time the inspector said not to worry, it showed we were concerned with the upkeep of the property.

Fast forward a few months and we receive this generic letter from the insurance company home office stating that there were issues that needed to be addressed or we could lose our home owners insurance policy.  We called our local agent, who could find nothing wrong with our inspection except that our shed was unpainted.  Granted the shed was looking a little shabby, and  painting it was on my list of things to do, but come on!  They’d really cancel our insurance because our shed wasn’t painted?  (I think Allstate was trying every excuse to get rid of us pesky Oklahoma clients and our tornado damage claims).  To comply with our contractual obligation, I moved the project up on the “to do” list, and tackled the job starting in mid-April.

I should say, that I’m not the most confident person on a ladder.  I have a wonderful – I’d have to call it a kind of step stool ladder – that allows me to stand comfortably on a two foot square platform.  I love that ladder.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t tall enough to reach the peak of the shed.  That meant the use of our straight ladder and standing on the highest allowed rung.  Ugh! So there I was at the top of the scary ladder removing vines and I discover a tree frog hiding in a gap in the eaves.  No sooner do I say hello, than the frog leaps onto my shoulder.  Luckily that kind of thing doesn’t scare me (only ladders do).  He bounded to the ground on his own, and I had no other adventures.


After two weeks of grueling work (not that bad really; I took breaks here and there to give my muscles a rest), the shed is finally painted.  The recycled doors look charming in red and white,  if I do say so myself.

All I have to do now is send a picture to my insurance agent and our policy will be secure.