Monthly Archives: September 2011

Finally getting things done.

With daytime temperatures finally moderating, I’ve managed to get some chores done that have been waiting all summer. I finally got a permanent gate built and installed for the deer exclusion zone. Not that there’s much to protect at the moment with the ongoing drought, but it’s the principle of the thing!

I’m always amazed at what you can do with a few good tools, a little time, and temperatures that don’t make you keel over after five minutes.

I even installed a little pull ring so I won’t get locked into the garden. Of course I locked myself in when I checked the hole on the other side of the post; I had already set the hinges to close automatically. I managed to save myself a long walk around the house by using the spade bit in my drill to flip the latch.

The next project to tackle, that I’ve already started, is the repair of our front entry gate. The latch was smashed off in high winds this Summer. The entry will have new square posts with a mortised cross beam, set on new concrete footings. That should prevent the posts from slowly moving apart, a problem that eventually led to the wind catching the unlatchable gate.


Joe Cool

Recently, Odo had an injury to his eye that we were having trouble getting to heal properly. In order to protect his eyes better, since he’s losing his sight, I decided to get him a pair of Doggles (goggles designed for dogs). I must say he looks pretty cool in them. He reminds of Snoopy as Joe Cool.

Unfortunately, Odo doesn’t think they’re cool at all, and will take every opportunity to remove them . Luckily he doesn’t have the balance anymore to use his front paws, but he’ll use anything else available. In this case, a weed. I’ve seen him with his head inside a boxwood shrub, try to brush them off on your legs as he passes by, scrape them on the chairs on the front porch, even rub them on the stone facade (that left some nasty scratches on the lenses).

I’m hoping he’ll eventually get used to them, but right now, if he’s unsupervised, they end up on top of his head. Also a cool look, but really defeats the purpose.

Relief at last!

This has officially been the hottest summer in Oklahoma on record. We’ve had a record number of days over 100 degrees, 61 days, over three months with temperatures higher than 90. It’s been hot, hot, and hot. Oh, and did I mention dry? We’ve had very little rain, not the worst drought ever, but one of the worst. Now that September is here, we got a break from the oppressive heat. Since Sunday, we’ve been in the blissful high seventies and low eighties. Low temperatures have been in the brisk fifties for the last three mornings. It finally feels like I can breathe again. However, the drought continues. No rain came with the cold front. So while the East is drowning, we’re still watering gardens and trees, desperately trying to keep them alive until the rains come again. At least the transpiration rates have decreased, so we don’t have to water quite as often.