Monthly Archives: July 2011


With temperatures soaring above one hundred every day, we’ve been walking the dogs after dark. By then the temperatures have dropped into the mid-nineties. The disadvantage of course is that wildlife, that had been hiding during the scorching weather, come out to hunt. This evening we surprised this pretty snake on our front porch. I was equally surprised to find it was a Western Pygmy Rattlesnake. You can see quite clearly that not all rattlesnakes have a rattle. This one was still young, between six and eight inches. I managed to snap off a few shots before it made a rapid side winding slither under the holly shrub.

Damn that Squirrel!

Every couple of years the wildlife remind me that it’s not all peaches and cream living in the country. This lesson cost me another $300. I was filling up my truck the other day when I noticed gasoline spitting out onto the ground. Knowing that’s neither normal, nor a good thing, I immediately took it to my mechanic. This is what the mechanic found: the rubber gas tank connector was chewed by an animal just enough to produce a tiny hole. The most likely suspect is a squirrel. Again! The part is not something that’s kept on hand anywhere in Oklahoma. It came from Utah. It took a week to get the truck fixed, but luckily I could drive it around until the part came in, and use up the little gas I had in the tank.

The recommended deterrent is battery terminal protector, which is what was used on my truck’s wiring the last time the squirrels went to town in my truck. I still wouldn’t trade country life for anything, despite the occasional hit to my pocketbook.