Monthly Archives: June 2011

Making lemonade

We’ve had a terribly hot Spring, and Summer is starting off equally hot and dry. The drought, though not as severe, continues. I’m watering something almost everyday, just to keep the gardens alive until the cooler weather arrives in who knows when. The nursery is doing the best of all the gardens, my little trees are actually growing. The cucumbers and watermelons are enjoying the heat, but everything else seems to have gone into suspended animation. Then there’s my poor little lemon tree. I’ve had this tree for three summers now. It’s been munched on by deer, gnawed by grasshoppers, even touched by frost, and it’s had to put up with my terrible watering habits. Despite my failings (I really am bad with house plants), I’ve managed to coax some fruit out of it. Perhaps in a couple of weeks I’ll actually have a glass of fresh lemonade to reward all my efforts.