Monthly Archives: January 2011

Gadzooks! Another year gone by?

Where has the year gone? It’s hard to believe it’s January first again. Last year was a bit odd, weather wise, with ice storms, tornadoes, and now drought. We did get the “normal” rainfall of 35 inches but it was distributed oddly, with five inches in May, five inches in July (unusual), and another five inches in September. Most plants did well with supplemental watering, but we also had the problem of grasshoppers denuding everything. Time will tell whether the plants in the nursery all survived and whether I’ll have more blueberries this year.

It looks like this year will be another year of garden rebuilding in my never ending quest to actually grow something without losing most of it to gophers and deer. I’ve decided to consolidate the gardens into two smaller areas that can be more easily protected: in the back, properly fenced, and near the peach tree, protected by the sprayer. The thick weed barrier, although great for keeping Bermuda grass out, does not keep the gophers out. I simply can’t bury it deep enough. So, I’m going to dig out the gardens, again, and lay down some hardware cloth as deeply as I can along the bottom of the gardens. The gophers will still be able to burrow under, but probably won’t be able to drag the plants into the ground. That’s my hope anyway.

With the impending payoff of the mortgage, I’m planning on getting our new patio built this Spring. I’ve been putting off new building projects and funneling all our spare change into paying down our principal. It’ll be nice to have a proper location for the picnic table, so we can eat outside on a more regular basis. Then we can have a big mortgage burning party!

This will be a big woodworking year. I’ve got several carving projects in the works, a side table half built, and a chair restoration that’s been waiting decades to be finished (not kidding; 31 years I’ve been dragging that chair around). I still have a long list of new projects I want to build: a new teeter for D’Argo, top-bar beehives with my reclaimed wood, a real bed and side tables for our bedroom.

Now that I’ve finally finished my texts on edible forest gardening and, with Peter’s help, mapped the area where the garden will go, I can get busy with the actual planning, layout, and foundation of the garden. The plants in the nursery will probably have another year to grow before they get moved to their final location, but this year should see distinct progress on that particular project. With my new computer and some fun new software, I’ll document all the steps in the project and have a ready-made presentation when I’m done.

My plans are often grandiose at this time of year when I can see the whole year ahead, full of promise. Often the reality falls short of the expectation, because life throws a curve now and then, but it’s always good to have plans in the works, some for rainy days, some for sunny days, some for days when I have to be home with a sick dog, as happened this past Summer. It’s all good. Whatever I get done, I get done. Whatever I don’t get done…well, there’s always next year! We’re not going anywhere.