Monthly Archives: October 2010

Ready for NADAC

After spending 10 days in Montreal, including spending Thanksgiving with all my family (dinner for 22), then spending another week trying to catch up on bills, chores, etc, D’Argo and I finally got back to training for the upcoming NADAC agility trial.

The trial is at the Fairgrounds again, a venue where we’ve had trouble with distractions in the past. But NADAC is all about speed, so if I can keep D’Argo running, we should do well. We’ll be doing ten runs over the weekend, so it’s important that D’Argo rests between runs. To give D’Argo some peace and quiet, as much as you can in a show barn full of dogs, I made a cover for his kennel . And so everyone will know who’s resting inside, I put his name and titles on the front. For a spur of the moment project, it turned out really well. I even added some d-rings along the upper edge to display his ribbons . We’ll see how many of the rings fill up next weekend.