Monthly Archives: September 2010

Autumn is for agility!

My mother’s been complaining that I haven’t been making any blog postings lately. That’s probably because, for the most part, I’ve been aestivating. It’s been so hot, I haven’t had the energy to get much done. But the hot weather has finally broken, and D’Argo and I have been in training for the Fall United Kennel Club Agility Trials.

This upcoming trial weekend will mark the one year anniversary since D’Argo and I started competing. With four agility titles to his name, D’Argo and I have done pretty well. I’m looking forward to trying again for his UKC AG2 title.

I’ve also started subsidizing my agility hobby by building equipment for other people. I built an A-frame to cover my entry to the Teacup Agility Trial this past Summer, and I’m building another to pay for this Fall’s trials. I have two clients so far.

I’ve built a few other items for myself as well. With UKC coming up, I built a hoop tunnel (a frame that holds up hula hoops; the hoops are standing upright, held at roughly 60ยบ to each other,which looks rather odd, but when looking straight through it forms a tunnel), a sway plank (a plank suspended by chains from a frame that the dogs must walk across), a pause box (basically a big open square where the dogs have to either sit or lie down for a count of five), and a window jump (pretty much self explanatory: an opaque fabric covering a frame with a window in it that the dogs jump through). With my equipment and equipment from the Canine Sports Academy, crawl tunnel and swing bridge, I organized a practice session at the Academy to familiarize the dogs with the unique UKC equipment. We only see the odd stuff twice a year, so it helps to give the dogs a chance to jog their memories. It was a good practice. I must say I always get a kick out of watching D’Argo race through the crawl tunnel. The tunnel is only eight inches high (D’Argo stands at 13.5″) so he really has to crouch down, but it barely slows him down.

Hopefully with all the practice we’ve been doing, we’ll do well next weekend, but you never know. D’Argo does his weave poles really well at home, but it’s another thing entirely in competition. There’s a good reason our agility mantra is: “We’ll see!”