Monthly Archives: June 2009

Ooh! Pretty!

I was watering some plants today, drenched in sweat at nine in the morning because the temps were already in the eighties with high humidity. When I returned to my watering buckets, I found this little gem, a Coral Hairstreak. Considered locally rare, it’s the first one I’ve seen, and number 63 for Windhaven. Unlike most Hairstreaks, the Coral doesn’t have a tail, and it’s easily identified by the line of orange dots on the hindwing. It was very cooperative. It stayed on the bucket long enough for me to run in and get my camera, then snap off several shots. Too bad our annual county butterfly count is still four days away.


My beans are starting to come in. Aren’t those purple ones gorgeous? I haven’t decided what to do with all of them yet – probably freeze some – but they’ll make a beautiful addition to a three bean salad: purple string beans, red kidney beans, and tan chick peas. Oooh, pretty! Odo was watching my harvest VERY closely. I hope I covered the beans well enough with the netting that he doesn’t try stealing any, but you never know with Odo.

Definitely vandalism

Peter and I set a new post for our mailbox on Monday, but before I had a chance, luckily, to install the new mailbox, the vandals struck again. The first time you might have been able to pass it off as storm damage, even though our friend Jim, a NOAA meteorologist, said we were on the wrong side of the storm for that kind of damage. This time there was no doubt. Someone removed the post braces, and tried to pull the post out of the ground. Luckily the 50lbs of concrete prevented it, although it was canted at an angle in the soft soil. They did brutalize our newspaper box, again.

There’s not a lot the police can do, but at least the repeat incident is on file. I’ve installed our new box, otherwise we won’t get mail, and poured a concrete foundation around the base of the post to hopefully prevent post tilting. Tough work in 100 degree weather. Let’s see the vandals try to move 300 lbs. of concrete. If the vandalism continues, then the concrete foundation is already poured to build a stone mailbox. We’ll have to hope for the best.

Pleasant surprise

Two years ago, in the fall I set out all kinds of wildflowers seeds along one of the swale berms. Nothing sprouted last Spring, so I assumed harvester ants had taken away all the seeds. But I was pleasantly surprised to find, this year, that some survived. At least two Indian Blanket plants bloomed this year. This is the Oklahoma State flower.