Monthly Archives: February 2007

A new bird at the feeder

We had a new visitor to our feeders, although not technically using the feeders. The Red-shouldered Hawk is often seen at Windhaven. Usually the backside of it as I flush it from a tree or soaring overhead. This day, it granted us a beautiful view as it flew into our redbud tree in the back yard. I took as many pictures as I could with my little digital camera, through a window on 10X digital zoom. Not great shots, but you can identify the bird.

This photo, although not quite in focus, gives you an idea of it’s size. The hawk is about three feet behind the feeder in the same tree. It’s as big as the feeder! For more perspective, notice the little Carolina Chickadee on the right side of the feeder.

The smaller birds were aware of the hawk and would detour around it to get to the feeder. They continued to feed during the fifteen or so minutes that the hawk stayed in the tree. The hawk finally dropped onto something on the ground, then flew away. I was unable to tell whether it had caught a mouse or not, but it’s certainly welcome to them, and any gophers it might catch this Spring.