Monthly Archives: September 2006

Las Vegas

We’re off to Las Vegas on Monday where I’ll attend training. As a result, don’t expect any updates for a week or so. Jeanette and Odo are going, too, since I’m driving (Fly? Not.). When we get back, the Solatube folks will be doing their stuff and hopefully, we’ll have enough estimates from bathroomologists and electricians to get some of the other stuff done as well.

Finally finished the installation of the ‘fridge last night. Huh? Seems the previous owners had never looked at the instructions for the unit (a big 25 ft^3 GE side-by-side) and had never adjusted the feet underneath or adjusted the right-side door. That’s done now and it doesn’t look broken any more. And the front is lifted off the ground the recommended 5/8″, so maybe the improved airflow will allow us to turn it down a bit (factory setting for both sides is “5” but the previous owners had them set for “7” and “8”).

Update (14:17): Nevada will mean we’ve been to all states west of the Mississippi R except Alaska and Hawai’i. Except for California, we’ve been to all of them by car. In the east, we’re only missing North and South Carolina and Georgia. I think the dog has been to all of the same states we’ve been to as well. Maybe not the New England states.

American Telephone & Telegraph update 2

Another ticket opened (last Friday), another promised resolution time passed (last night at 2000), still have the 60-Hz hum on the line.

I called a human agent this morning and her computer told her to tell me that the technician was delayed and that it will be resolved tonight.

I told her I’d call back tomorrow when it wasn’t fixed.

Update (16:15): An AT&T tech arrived (the second one since we got here) and confirmed that, yes, the trouble was on their line. He did try using a different pair from the street to our NID with no change. He was referring it to the “cable rats” … just like the last guy.

Even later update (18:55): Omigod! No hum! The Old Guard at AT&T came through at last … Now, off to test the DSL bandwidth.

Rain, Rain and FDR’s legacy

Finally got a good load of rain yesterday. Jim said it was nearly an inch, which is pretty good compared to what we have been getting which is nearly zero.

The rain reminded us that the gutters needed cleaning. If you’ve read most or all of the other entries here, you’ll recall that the previous owners weren’t “into” maintenance. So, I put on some flip-flops and a raincoat and took the stepladder (low eaves) and a weeding tool and went to work.

The pine needles and other natural detritous were bad enough, but you’d think that after they’d replaced or repaired the roofing tiles (standard asphalt shingles) that they’d have cleared the trimmings out of the gutters. Sheesh. At any rate, we no longer have water splashing onto the rear patio from an overflowing gutter.

After we got back from doing some shopping (the Norman shopping area, along I-35, is about 15 miles from Windhaven) we found that we had no power. Dang. Tried to call down to our friends around the corner, but got a busy signal, so called the utility. Our “utility” is really a member-owned cooperative. Electric coops are one of the long-lasting results of Roosevelt’s New Deal. In the early part of the last century, rural folks were falling further behind their city cousins at an ever-increasing rate and one of the reasons for that was the lack of electricity. The investor-owned utilities, or IOUs, weren’t particularly interested in serving rural areas because it wasn’t profitable. In order to support rural America and farmers in particular (you know, the folks that grow our food), FDR’s New Deal created the Rural Electrification Administration which helped form electric coops all over the country. The Oklahoma Electric Cooperative is one of those and is who we get our power from.

Interestingly, the local IOU, Oklahoma Gas and Electric also serves our area – yes, there are two sets of power poles on our street! We chose OEC over OG&E based on talking to folks who all said that OEC was more reliable.

Anyway, yesterday, it wasn’t. I called the Coop, gave them the particulars and they said they’d dispatch a crew. In less than 15 minutes, we could hear the truck down at the road! The linemen reset a breaker and we were back in business. I talked to the boys and they said that they’d been chasing down this stuff all day account the storms that had moved through the county overnight. Interestingly, ours had gone out long after the storms had passed through. Nonethless, we had power back within about 20 minutes of the phone call – try that with your IOU!